Environment management system

At igefa, our environmental footprint is created mainly by the consumption of resources for vehicles, buildings and internal processes (IT, conveyance vehicles, document management, etc.) and indirectly from our product offer.

We meet the obligation we have set ourselves for reducing environmental pollution through

  • continuous monitoring of environment figures,
  • the optimisation of processes and investment in modern,
  • resource-saving buildings and vehicle technology.

ökologischer FußabdruckOver the last five years, we have succeeded in maintaining our CO2 emissions approximately at the same level.
In relation to our turnover growth, this corresponds to savings of 16 percent.

Grafik Energiebedarf

Energy management

In 2015, igefa has, in accordance with the EDL-G standards (§8a ff.), been the subject of an extensive energy audit by external experts as per DIN EN 16247-1.

The energy requirements at igefa are accounted for as shown, with fuel consumption for delivery to our customers making up about 50 percent of our total need.

For this reason, the company management is systematically investing in a modern fleet of lorries.

The igefa lorries largely meet the most stringent limit values of the European emission standards, and correspond to around 90 percent of the EU5 and EU6 standards.


Thanks to optimum lorry use and tour planning, fuel consumption for lorries has been successfully reduced by 10 percent over the last five years in relation to turnover. Grafik zur Entwicklung des igefa Kraftstoffverbrauch LKW

Resource optimisation for our field service

Providing personal support to our customers by igefa specialist consultants makes the use of cars unavoidable.
This entails the consumption of resources and environmental pollution, which we counteract through a range of different measures.

Environmental protection measures: 

Grafik zur Entwicklung des igefa Kraftstoffverbrauch PKW

  • route optimisation in order to save kilometres and spend more time with our customers
  • new customer care models in which the field and in-house services share support activities, with a personal visit and telephone advice being offered in alternation - depending on the individual customer requirement
  • video conference systems instead of travel
  • CO2 guideline for the new procurement of exclusively fuel-saving car models

Grafik zur Entwicklung des igefa PKW FlottendurchschnittsDuring the last five years, we have successfully reduced the consumption of fuel by cars by 10 percent. In relation to our turnover growth, this figure increases to 25 percent!

At igefa, we currently use mainly diesel engines, due to state subsidies for diesel engines, which make it considerably more cost-efficient to maintain diesel vehicles compared to petrol-driven vehicles.

With the orientation of our fleet of cars and the development of our CO2 fleet average in mind, we are following the political discussion and development surrounding the car industry, particularly with regard to hybrid or pure electric-driven cars.

Our goal is to reduce the car fleet average by four grammes of carbon dioxide per kilometre annually.

Due to the unreliable data on CO2 values provided by the car industry, we can only work with theoretical figures, however.


Efficient building technology

The company management is continuously investing in new buildings and extensions with energy-efficient building technology, which in some cases far exceeds the values stipulated in the Energy Saving Regulations (EnEV).

During the last five years, we have successfully reduced building energy consumption by 4.5 percent. In relation to our turnover growth, this corresponds to new savings of 20 percent!

Grafik zur Entwicklung der gesamten igefa Gebäudeenergie

New technologies such as fully automated high-bay warehouses also result in increased power consumption, however. To compensate for this, we are implementing a large number of energy efficiency measures.

Energy efficiency measures:

  • Installation of photovoltaic systems
  • Conversion to LED lighting
  • The use of movement sensors
  • Renewal of heating systems, and much more

Grafik zur erzeugten igefa SolarenergieUnfortunately, while the use of intelligent rechargeable batteries for conveyance vehicles has the potential to improve resource efficiency, it has not yet been shown to be economical.

An increasing share of the electrical energy used is obtained through our own photovoltaic systems at our locations in Bremen, Büttelborn, Dresden, Kornwestheim, Malterdingen, Neumünster, Memmingen and Rostock.

Overall, igefa now produces over 2,000 Megawatt hours per year  
solar power - double the figure of 2014.
This amount is enough to supply a small town with about 570 three- to four-person households!

The use of paper

At igefa, paper consumption has increased slightly in recent years, and is around ten sheets per order process.

Approximately 80 percent of paper used is certified recycled paper.

The following developments contribute towards saving paper:

  • electronic storage management systems
  • partially automated warehouses or fully automated high-bay warehouses
  • electronic delivery verification instead of a delivery note for warehouse dispatch
  • electronic invoices

Printed advertising materials are strictly published in FSC or PEFC-certified quality.

In line with the trend towards increasing digitalisation in society, igefa is also making increased use of online media instead of printed materials.

Every individual employee of igefa is encouraged to submit their ideas for saving paper, since in this regard, we have not yet made full use of all the options.


Environmental products

“We demand and support the shared strategy of a competitive, innovative, environmental, fair and safe range of items [...].” [igefa corporate policy]

With our decisions relating to sustainable product range design, we indirectly influence the degree of environmental impact of the products use.

igefa Neubau Henry Kruse Neumünster

Almost climate neutral energy supply thanks to the latest building technology

At the new Henry Kruse company location in Neumünster, great importance was placed on sustainable building technology.


umweltfreundliche Verpackung Kachelbild

Eco-friendly packaging

The selection of biodegradable packaging items made of wood, palm leaves, sugar cane, etc. is growing constantly.

certificate ISO

Successful re-certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 und 14001:2015

In September 2017, igefa once again demonstrated its well-proven quality and environmental management system through a combined re-certification audit.

Eco Vadis Gold Auszeichnung für die igefa Nachhaltigkeitswebsite

Gold status in the EcoVadis CSR ranking

This status means that igefa belongs among the best EcoVadis-evaluated companies worldwide.

igefa Closed Loop

Closed loop

Innovation: a closed circular economy with environmentally friendly packaging

Innovative rental supply concept for protective gloves

Innovative rental supply concept for protective gloves

Many igefa suppliers have developed solution-oriented and sustainable services which also benefit igefa customers. Just like the glove manufacturer W+R.

igefa Campus Kachel

igefa Campus

Further training as a solution to personnel management challenges.

persönliche Schutzausrüstung Kachel

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

With our PPE product range, we help our customers protect their staff.

Experteninterviews Kachelbild

Expert interviews

Industry experts in conversation with the igefa Sustainability Council.

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Foto zum CSR Verständnis

CSR understanding

We provide services to people.
For a clean, safe world.

Bild zum igefa Nachhaltigkeitsrat

Sustainability Council

The igefa Sustainability Council is the federal control body for sustainability activities in the company group.

Umweltschutz Kachelbild


Over the last five years, we have succeeded in reducing our CO2 emissions by 16 percent.

Kachelbild zur Gesellschaft

Social Commitment

Our goal is to have an impact in
areas where help reaches
the people who need it.

Imagebild zum Bericht


We report according to the recognised guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).