Exciting outdoor training for Berlin trainees

dreitägiges Outdoor-Training

Every year, trainees from igefa headquarters in Blumberg and the Hildebrandt & Bartsch branch travel together to a youth hostel to complete a special trainee program. In 2017, 20 trainees moved to Petkus in Brandenburg. As in the previous year, a three-day outdoor training took place.

The training was created by experienced trainers and offered all participants an interesting and exciting time. The dos and don'ts in the team and project work were worked out. However, the training not only aims to acquire new skills, it also makes it easier for new trainees to get to know each other. In the evenings, for example, the junior staff sit comfortably around the campfire and exchange information about private or professional matters. This provides the basis for successful integration and acclimatization into the company at an early stage of the apprenticeship.



Dos und Don’ts in der Team- und Projektarbeit"The trainers keep getting us out of our comfort zone. This is quite exhausting - but also instructive. And we always laugh at the end. The training strengthens the community feeling and we trainees grow together to a team", explains Paul Stampfuß, apprentice in the third year of training at Hildebrandt & Bartsch.
During the training, it doesn't matter whether someone is doing an apprenticeship as a merchant in wholesale and foreign trade, a specialist for warehouse logistics or an IT employee. All trainees are treated equally and also supported equally. The trainees are supervised around the clock by the "TeamImpuls" trainers and the respective igefa trainers.

The Kruse company group and the igefa headquarters have been organising trainee trips for ten years now and have thus installed a very successful part of the training for the start of working life.


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igefa Campus

Further training as a solution to personnel management challenges.

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Personal protective equipment (PPE)

With our PPE product range, we help our customers protect their staff.

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Expert interviews

Industry experts in conversation with the igefa Sustainability Council.

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