igefa as an employer

igefa staff figuresIn times of demographic change and a lack of specialist staff, the competition for the best employees is increasing by the year.

For us, it is becoming increasingly important to advertise what makes us so special as a medium-sized family-run company, so that we can stand out from other companies as an employer.

We do everything we can to offer our staff attractive employment, so that they can be proud of their employer:

At igefa, we take employee rights and fair working conditions seriously, as well as high standards when it comes to health and safety.

The protection of these basic principles is anchored in our Company Policy and our procedural instructions. Many of our staff have already been working with us for several years precisely for this reason.


Compatibility between work and private life

Today, compatibility between professional and private life is becoming increasingly important due to various societal developments, such as provision of care for children or care of relatives who need assistance.

As a family-run company, we want to support families in mastering the difficult art of combining work and private life.

That is why, as far as possible, we offer our staff flexible working hours, home office solutions and part-time employment.

However, these flexible ways of working are not just popular with families. For young people of “Generation Y” age and so-called “digital natives”, flexible work conditions are becoming ever more important, and also make us an attractive employer for the younger generations.

In general, our working hours adhere strictly to the statutory specifications.

If overtime is needed, it is reimbursed financially or offset by extra time off.


FOTO und Zitat  Julia Koch, Sachbearbeiterin Finanz- und Rechnungswesen, Eichler-Kammerer GmbH & Co. KG


Diversity and equal opportunities

Equal treatment and equal opportunities, regardless of

  • skin colour
  • nationality
  • social or geographical origin
  • disability
  • sexual orientation
  • political or religious affiliation
  • gender or age

are basic pillars of our sense of obligation at igefa and form a key component of the igefa Code of Ethics.

Abbildung von Mitarbeitern


MeldeboxThe Code of Ethics is a part of our integrated management system, and is binding for all igefa staff, including those working outside Germany.

Infringements can be reported to the management or an ombudsman via an installed reporting procedure, also anonymously, in a way that does not create any disadvantage for the sender arising from their report.
During the reporting period, we received no notification of any infringements.

As a result of our varied professional profiles and skilled professions, we offer people with a wide range of different qualifications the chance to create opportunities for the future:

  • from a lower secondary school leaving certificate to “Abitur” (A-Levels)
  • from completing their professional training to finishing their studies

We encourage female employees to recommend themselves for leadership positions.

In order to optimally complement the special skills of women and men in interdisciplinary teams, we have set ourselves the goal of increasing the proportion of women in leadership positions by 10 percent annually.
Recruitment decisions continue to be based on the qualifications and experience of the candidates.


Communication und participation

Our flat hierarchies and short communication routes at igefa promote direct exchange between staff, the management and owners, enabling active participation in decision-making processes.

A large number of strategic and operative measures are initiated by our specialist and management staff themselves, and then prepared and taken forward at regular meetings and conferences.

We have different ways of communicating with our staff:

  • regular meetings and video conferences at the different levels
  • staff discussions
  • Intranet, website
  • staff newsletter
  • notices
  • at least one owner address or staff meeting per year
  • corporate events, staff parties

We conduct staff surveys at regular intervals, in order to obtain valid data about staff satisfaction. These take place for all locations, either in the form of a questionnaire or as part of annual staff discussions.
Our regional ideas management and recommendation procedure with report boxes means that staff can easily and quickly submit their own ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Many ideas and recommendations from our staff have already led to process improvements and cost savings.


Salaries and social benefits

igefa offers its staff a clear, performance-oriented, reliable, competitive salary above the legal minimum wage.

The basis of the salary calculation and any variables is in line with the following categories, regardless of gender:

  • Performance
  • Complexity of tasks
  • Responsibility
  • Significance of the function for the company
  • Experience of the member of staff

Of key importance when evaluating these factors are the respective function or job description in particular, as well as any individual target agreements.

To improve pension provisions, each member of staff has the opportunity to convert their salary in order to pay into a direct insurance policy offered by the company or a pension savings fund.


Hans-Joachim Wieneke, Geschäftsführer Wittrock & Uhlenwinkel


igefa Campus Kachel

igefa Campus

Further training as a solution to personnel management challenges.

persönliche Schutzausrüstung Kachel

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

With our PPE product range, we help our customers protect their staff.

Experteninterviews Kachelbild

Expert interviews

Industry experts in conversation with the igefa Sustainability Council.

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Eco Vadis Gold Auszeichnung für die igefa Nachhaltigkeitswebsite

Gold status in the EcoVadis CSR ranking

This status means that igefa belongs among the best EcoVadis-evaluated companies worldwide.

igefa Neubau Henry Kruse Neumünster

Almost climate neutral energy supply thanks to the latest building technology

At the new Henry Kruse company location in Neumünster, great importance was placed on sustainable building technology.


Florian Jilek bei unserem igefa-Mitglied Arndt

Successful inclusion: igefa member Arndt sets a good example

A 25-year-old man with mental handicap recommended himself to work for igefa member Arndt in the warehouse. In addition, he has already made his driving license for conveyance vehicles.

Spannendes Outdoor-Training für Berliner Auszubildende

Exciting outdoor training for Berlin trainees

Every year, trainees from igefa headquarters in Blumberg and the Hildebrandt & Bartsch branch travel together to a youth hostel to complete a special trainee program.

Foto zum CSR Verständnis

CSR understanding

We provide services to people.
For a clean, safe world.

Bild zum igefa Nachhaltigkeitsrat

Sustainability Council

The igefa Sustainability Council is the federal control body for sustainability activities in the company group.

Umweltschutz Kachelbild


Over the last five years, we have succeeded in reducing our CO2 emissions by 16 percent.

Kachelbild zur Gesellschaft

Social Commitment

Our goal is to have an impact in
areas where help reaches
the people who need it.

Imagebild zum Bericht


We report according to the recognised guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).