igefa GO optimizes workflows for building service providers

Die neue Smartphone-App „igefa GO“ The new smartphone app "igefa GO" is a useful tool for building service providers, which optimizes the processes for both cleaning persons and object managers.

With igefa GO not only time and costs are minimized, but to a great extent also driving routes as well as associated climate-damaging emissions.


Precise identification of location

Objects where cleaning staff is staying in are quickly, automatically and contactlessly identified using iBeacon technology.

Especially in enclosed spaces, positioning is much more precise with this technology
than with conventional techniques such as GPS or WLAN.


Intuitive comunication and workflow optimisation

While the object manager quickly makes object and article assignments using the igefa GO app, the cleaning person sends just-in-time digital requisition notes or stores relevant information about the object using a note function.

Thus, "igefa GO" users are constantly updating their object data and product lists, relying on a complete demand message history and benefiting from an intelligent search function.

These factors noticeably shorten the ordering process.

Overall, the app provides object managers more transparency and timeliness, so that personal presence on site in the object is not always required.


Machine visualization

With "igefa GO" the deposited machinery can be visualized.

The machines can be located in the building and retrieved with the corresponding products and service information.

Again, the iBeacon technology is used.
At the same time, necessary maintenance is indicated in the machine administration.
This convenient overview contributes to maintaining the value of the machines, because users are sensitized to set up and perform maintenance appointments.


User friendly application

If you use apps privately on your smartphone, you will quickly find your way around with "igefa GO".

The clear visual language, classic app elements and an intuitive user interface make the handling of the app immediately a routine.
Thus, the app reaches a wide range of users.
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