Process optimisation

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Anyone who wants to present themselves on the international stage must constantly optimise their business management processes.

This is particularly important when it comes to procurement.

Every individual order - whether it’s a tonne of steel for bridge building or washing up liquid for the kitchenette, involves the same amount of work and costs about the same. Purchasers can easily spend 80 percent of their time ordering C-parts, and just 20 percent for A- and B-goods.

Many companies have already recognised the potential for focussing on just a small number of suppliers for a long time, and are working towards slimming down processes.

The economic effects also have a positive impact when it comes to sustainability:

  • Resource savings and reduction of CO2 emissions through bundling of deliveries
  • Paper savings through a reduction in delivery and invoice notes


One Stop Solution

We already work for many of our customers in several product range areas, but could achieve much more for them with our holistic approach.

As a supply specialist, we provide our customers with everything from a single source. For them, this means:
one point of contact, one delivery, one invoice.

The time otherwise taken up with complex negotiations with different providers, receiving many different deliveries and checking a large number of invoices could be used by our customers for their actual core business:

The building contract cleaner can concentrate on the cleanliness and hygiene of their customers’ buildings, the care worker on the wellbeing of their patients, the hotel specialist can pay more attention to their guest, and the company manager can focus entirely on production.


Versorgung bis ins RegalFocus on warehouse stocks

In order to reduce processing and capital commitment costs, have more liquidity available and guarantee efficient supply reliability, a well-functioning stock management system is required.

This is something that we take care of on behalf of our customers.

We take on the monitoring of stocks and secure supplies to our customers,
in the building, at the place of use or even on the right shelf.

Thanks to our service, customers can save on storage capacities.

Some customers have even been able to dismantle entire warehouses.
The effects are not only positive from a financial point of view. The heating or cooling required for the warehouse operation, the power for illumination and the resources used in distributing goods can be saved.


Procurement processes are even more environmentally friendly with e-business solutions

With our wide-ranging online ordering systems, we support purchasers individually in optimising their procurement processes.
Whether via our e-shop, direct connection, the marketplace or ICOS, our in-house ordering and information system:

Having a better overview of consumption helps with order optimisation, so that complex, resource-intensive individual deliveries can be avoided.

Items with an environmental label are identified as such, so that they can be selected as a priority.

Through electronic ordering and invoicing, the use of paper can also be avoided entirely.


Know-how transfer

As One Stop Solution Provider, we offer more than 170,000 items.

In order to assist our customers in making their selection, we have over 400 field service staff across Germany available, who can provide professional advice on site.
They explain how to use the products correctly and give advice on the best environmental solution.

Another popular service are the hygiene, cleaning and washing room concepts created by us, which are optimally coordinated with operational processes.

Our igefa Campus has also become established as a training service provider. Customers of igefa use this institution to obtain further training for themselves and their staff, on a practical basis and in line with the latest knowledge.



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Die neue Smartphone-App „igefa GO“

igefa GO optimizes workflows for building service providers

The new smartphone app "igefa GO" is a useful tool for building service providers, which
certificate ISO

Successful re-certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 und 14001:2015

In September 2017, igefa once again demonstrated its well-proven quality and environmental management system through a combined re-certification audit.

Eco Vadis Gold Auszeichnung für die igefa Nachhaltigkeitswebsite

Gold status in the EcoVadis CSR ranking

This status means that igefa belongs among the best EcoVadis-evaluated companies worldwide.

Innovative rental supply concept for protective gloves

Innovative rental supply concept for protective gloves

Many igefa suppliers have developed solution-oriented and sustainable services which also benefit igefa customers. Just like the glove manufacturer W+R.

igefa Campus Kachel

igefa Campus

Further training as a solution to personnel management challenges.

persönliche Schutzausrüstung Kachel

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

With our PPE product range, we help our customers protect their staff.

Experteninterviews Kachelbild

Expert interviews

Industry experts in conversation with the igefa Sustainability Council.

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Foto zum CSR Verständnis

CSR understanding

We provide services to people.
For a clean, safe world.

Bild zum igefa Nachhaltigkeitsrat

Sustainability Council

The igefa Sustainability Council is the federal control body for sustainability activities in the company group.

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Over the last five years, we have succeeded in reducing our CO2 emissions by 16 percent.

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Social Commitment

Our goal is to have an impact in
areas where help reaches
the people who need it.

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We report according to the recognised guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).