This website replaces the igefa sustainability report for 2015/2016 in printed form.

It has been produced by the igefa Sustainability Council.

The description of services presented on this website relates to the igefa corporate group with its 30 sites in Germany, including the central headquarters, with the exception of gefa E-Business GmbH & Co. KG and igefa IT Service GmbH & Co. KG, which were both only founded in 2017.

The reporting period extends from 01.01.2015 to 31.12.2016.

The previous years are referred to as a comparison wherever this is possible or useful. The last sustainability report for 2013/2014 was published in September 2015.

This website replaces the printed sustainability report for the following reasons:

  • Online reporting is more flexible with regard to the current validity of the information
  • Far greater reach
  • Paper saving
  • Menu guidance in the online medium enables the readers to jump to specific topics that interest them; they do not have to follow the logic of a printed report

A summary of the most important data and facts contained in this website is available in a brochure, which can be downloaded here.


GRI-compliant Reporting

This report has been prepared in accordance with the G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) - with the “core” correlation option.  

The GRI index provides a transparent overview of the sections of the sustainability website in which we present information on the individual indicators.
Following the successfully completed Materiality Disclosure Service, GRI has confirmed that the G4-17 to G4-27 indicators from the GRI G4 guidelines have been correctly given, both in the content index and on this sustainability website.

With this website, we also meet the requirements regarding Communication on Progress (COP), the progress reporting on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact (GC).

In a similar way to the GRI index, the GC index provides information about which sections of the sustainability website we use to make a statement regarding the ten UN Global Compact principles.

With the new orientation of the igefa Sustainability Council in mid-2016 and the involvement of numerous competence partners in forming our strategy, as well as the specification of report contents, the approach to determining key themes has been newly defined.
On the basis of feedback from our stakeholders, we have also presented our sustainability achievements in a clearer way.


Reliability standards

For us, the reliability of our statements is of great importance.The content of the reports is checked for accuracy and objectivity by various employees responsible for different specialist areas (dual control principle).

Relevant topics about which we cannot yet make a reliable statement, or where we have not yet been able to make progress are explained as such.


Data collection methods

All figures of relevance to reporting for financial years 2015 and 2016, and those of previous years, are here disclosed according to theme blocks. The diagrams shown on the website are based on these figures.

The figures result from different collection methods:

Evaluations from the igefa database: turnover and item data is automatically collected from the igefa branch offices and aggregated in a database at igefa Handelsgesellschaft.

Standardised reporting for environmental performance and personnel figures via a shared platform.

The igefa Sustainability Council is starting to request individual information beyond the process chain from the competence partners or individual branch offices.
The latter store the data in their regional databases, for example in the accounts departments.

In general, the figures and data are provided using a conservative approach.

If the reliability of data has to be questioned, this is explained accordingly, and a correction is initiated as soon as possible.

Incomplete information is labelled as such and is extrapolated to a complete value with the aid of a calculated average.

Any data which is entirely lacking is labelled as such and is supplemented as soon as possible.



When collecting the data contained on this website, we proceeded with the utmost care. Despite this, we cannot entirely exclude the possibility of errors.

Insofar as statements are made regarding future developments, this is done on the basis of the information and forecasts available at the time of publication. Even if the latter are calculated with the greatest of care, a wide range of influences which could not be foreseen by the date of publication can lead to deviations.


Bild zum igefa Nachhaltigkeitsrat

Sustainability Council

The igefa Sustainability Council is the federal control body for sustainability activities in the company group.

The sustainability Code Signatory 2017

Sustainability report published in accordance with EU CSR directive

The CSR Directive Implementation Act (CSR-RUG) came into force in Germany in April 2017. 

igefa Campus Kachel

igefa Campus

Further training as a solution to personnel management challenges.

persönliche Schutzausrüstung Kachel

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

With our PPE product range, we help our customers protect their staff.

Experteninterviews Kachelbild

Expert interviews

Industry experts in conversation with the igefa Sustainability Council.

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Foto zum CSR Verständnis

CSR understanding

We provide services to people.
For a clean, safe world.

Bild zum igefa Nachhaltigkeitsrat

Sustainability Council

The igefa Sustainability Council is the federal control body for sustainability activities in the company group.

Umweltschutz Kachelbild


Over the last five years, we have succeeded in reducing our CO2 emissions by 16 percent.

Kachelbild zur Gesellschaft

Social Commitment

Our goal is to have an impact in
areas where help reaches
the people who need it.

Imagebild zum Bericht


We report according to the recognised guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).